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Randy Glazer

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Pet Owner’s Home Remodel GuideOver half of the country’s households are home to both humans and their furry companions. Pets can cause damage to your home over time – worn out furniture, chewed door frames, fur-covered bathrooms. For many pet owners, simply finding the space to store leashes, food bowls and accessories is a challenge.

Here are some home improvement ideas that will help make your home more pet and pet owner friendly.

Pet Access

Existing doors can be modified to include doggie doors. If you keep a litter box in a certain room of your home, consider installing a cat door. You can shut off that room from the rest of the home when you entertain guests. If you have the space, a pet–dedicated room is an excellent way to separate the problems of pets from your personal living space. Food, bedding, litter boxes and accessories can be kept in one isolated portion of the home.


Bathing a pet can be messy and time consuming. Work with a contractor to install a pet-friendly bathing station with a lower–walled bathtub and extendable, detachable shower head. Be sure to include spaces for storing towels and pet shampoo.


Custom cabinetry and prefabricated units are both great for consolidating the clutter of pet ownership. Think about hooks for leashes and collars, roll out trays to hide food bowls, a calendar center to track vet visits and medication and a deep drawer for food storage.

Flooring and Stairs

Think about your pets when putting stairs in your home. Ensure they are lit at night if they’re in an area your pet uses frequently and pay attention to their height. Many pets have a difficult time traversing steep stairways. Use pet–friendly flooring that’s scratch and moisture resistant. Linoleum and vinyl are excellent choices, and tile is an option if your pet is housebroken.

While most of these home improvements cater to the indoor pet and owner, outdoor pets can be equally as pampered. Fencing, play space and outdoor pet housing can be integrated seamlessly into your landscape and work well with your home’s exterior. Small changes, as well as larger renovations, can help make your home more livable for pet and owner.

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