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When you decide to own a home you have a choice of purchasing an existing home or working with an Atlanta custom home builder to build your new home. One factor in favor of building a new home is the ability to customize features of the home to suit your needs.

When you buy an existing home you either accept the layout or need to plan on doing a major renovation. Think of something simple as electrical outlets. Homes built pre 1970 were wired differently than homes today. Electrical needs to supply security systems, computers and printers, media rooms, and new appliances have changed and upgrading an older home is more complicated than incorporating electrical needs into a new construction.

When you work with Glazer Construction you can customize your home design so that it meets your evolving needs. You can customize your kitchen and bathroom to fit your tastes and needs. You can choose to locate a laundry on the second floor eliminating the need to carry laundry downstairs. and much more. Want a media room, more storage, or a game room, no problem.

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