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Thinking about ‘Going Green’ and making your home or office more environmentally friendly? At Glazer Design & Construction, we specialize in green construction. As a certified “Earthcraft Home Builder” we can create a home, store or office that is more comfortable, healthier, efficient, and conserves energy all while using earth friendly products and services. You may ask yourself, why go green? Well, the answer to that is – it’s easier on the environment, it lowers heating and cooling costs, and it provides a healthier home or business in which to live or work.

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Examples of Green Construction features may include the following:

  • Improving indoor air quality through use of zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and non-outgassing paints, particle board and construction adhesives.
  • Using on-demand water heaters for both domestic hot water and space heating. These heaters consume about half the energy of a standard water heater but supply an endless flow of hot water.
  • Using recycled content materials such as engineered wood products, plastic-wood fiber decking, and fiber cement siding that are resistant to termites, fire, and water and have low, if any, maintenance requirements.
  • Substituting fly ash for cement in our concrete mixes for a stronger, more water resistant product. Fly ash is a waste product from coal-fired power plants that normally goes into landfills.
  • Using solar energy systems to generate electricity and heat water for your home.
  • Improving the efficiency of duct work is the single most important energy measure for most affordable homes. Make sure all joints in the ductwork are sealed permanently with mastic, a thick paste that provides durable seal for all types of duct. After ducts are sealed, ensure that they have adequate insulation.
  • Installation of adequate insulation with no gaps or compressed areas. This can cut costs by over 25%.
  • Using energy efficient lighting which saves on electric bills, helps keep the home cooler by reducing waste heat and lasts longer. Make sure to use energy efficient fluorescents for interior lighting and compact fluorescent or high pressure sodium fixtures for outdoor lighting.
  • Using Energy Star Appliances makes for efficient appliances. Refrigerators and freezers consume about one-sixth of all the electricity used in American households, much more than any other household appliance.

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