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Randy Glazer

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Hire An Atlanta ContractorWhy Hire a Professional Atlanta Contractor? With all the television shows featuring everyday people doing home renovations, why should you hire a pro? Although you might think it’s cheaper to do it yourself, that’s not necessarily true all of the time. Let’s consider reasons to hire a professional Atlanta contractor rather than trying to tackle home renovations on your own.

Can You Really Do It?

Watching a project on television is much different from actually doing it yourself. Everything looks easy until you get “hands on”. The cost of repairing mistakes can far exceed the price of hiring a professional Atlanta general contractor in the first place. Add the cost of wasted time, energy and materials and you might wind up wasting a bundle before your home renovations are properly completed. If you don’t have professional training for the job, usually it’s best to hire someone who does.

Another hidden cost that many people fail to consider is the cost to purchase the proper tools to do the job. You might have a hammer and hand saw, but do you have nail guns, a table saw, a miter saw, etc. Purchasing the right tools

Is It Safe?

Do you know how to do electrical work or are you referring to a text while trying to cut wires? Can you tell the difference between lead paint and modern paints? Protecting your safety and the safety of your home’s residents is of prime importance. Neglecting safety issues during home renovations can cause fires, health issues and other serious problems.

Do You Know About Permits and Zoning Issues?

Certain home renovations, remodeling and additions also involve local permit and zoning issues. A professional contractor is familiar with local codes and requirements. As a do-it-yourselfer, you might find yourself in hot water if you don’t go through all appropriate legal channels prior to your home renovation project.

Do You Really Know What Home Renovations Cost?

When you do home renovations on your own, often you speculate about the cost of completion. Inaccurate speculation can lead to unfinished home renovations that make your house difficult to live in. When you hire a professional such as Glazer Construction, you receive an accurate assessment of the work to be done and all related costs so there are no unwanted surprises.

How Will You Pay For Home Renovations?

When you know the honest cost of home renovations, it’s easier to determine how you’ll pay for them. Savings, loans and home equity lines of credit are all ways to cover the cost of your home renovations without breaking your daily budget.

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