When To Choose Porcelain Tile

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Randy Glazer

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porcelain tileThere are many different options when it comes to choosing a type of tile. Some considerations include where you plan to tile, the style you’re looking for, and of course your budget. So it’s important to know when to choose a porcelain tile.

  • High Moisture Room
    The Tile Council of North America says that porcelain is naturally dense which means it’s harder to penetrate. In other words it is almost waterproof!  That make porcelain tile a great option for rooms such as a bathroom, kitchen, laundry or mudroom, where the floor is highly likely to get wet. Or on a wall or bench in the showerYou can still choose other types off tile such as ceramic in these space, but just understand you will not have the natural protection you would enjoy with porcelain.
  • High Traffic
    If you are installing tile where people are constantly walking, porcelain is a great option. Because it is so dense it doesn’t stain easily or show the long term effects of heavy traffic.  If you have kids or pets it will definitely be easier to maintain and protect than other flooring types such as hardwood, laminate and carpet.
  • Price
    Porcelain tile is typically more expensive than an option like ceramic tile.  Long-term, though, porcelain still may be the better option due to its durability.  And because porcelain is less porous than ceramic you are less likely to have to deal with stains, which might require having to have some tile professionally cleaned or even replaced.

The good thing with utilizing tile is that you have lots of options to choose from.  Some other things to consider include:

Do-it-yourself project

While we don’t necessarily recommend that you do a tile project yourself, we understand that some people will choose to go the do-it-yourself route due to their available budget.  Ceramic is a lot easier to cut and install that ceramic or even marble.  You can usually use a hand cutter verses having to buy or rent a tile saw.

Building a Patio

A benefit in using a porcelain tile is its durability.   Porcelain is impenetrable so between the rain, snow and sleet, it won’t absorb any moisture like ceramic could.

Wrap Up

Like we said there are several things to consider when choosing the type of tile you will want to work with.  Porcelain tiles are a great option that provides some great benefits.  We recommend that you work with a professional tile installer, but if you are going to take this on as a DIY project, be sure to do your research and ask lots of questions before you start.

ps… Did you know how many choices there are to laying a tile pattern too? Well here they are…

Straight, is the simplest way to install. Diagonal, is perfect for the bathroom. Herringbone, is perfect for hallways and outdoor patios. Basket Weave, which gives the impression of the tile being woven. Windmill or pinwheel is great for a shower. Strecher Bond looks like bricks that have been staggered. Cobblestone, which uses 2 sizes of tile and is generally used in more traditional homes. English Bond uses alternating rectangular and square styles. English Cross Bond is similar to English bond but is staggered.

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