What’s Hot in Atlanta Bathroom Renovation


Randy Glazer

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It’s a known fact, an Atlanta bathroom renovation is a huge selling points in a home. Buyers are looking for bathrooms that provide asylum from the stresses of life – areas that serve as spa retreats. For homeowners alike, the bathroom should be a place of escape.

Many popular bathroom design trends speak to this need for respite. If you’re considering remodeling your Atlanta home’s bathroom, keep these hot trends in mind.

Atlanta Bathroom Renovation Trends

  • Wet rooms have long been popular in English bathhouses, but they’re becoming mainstream in American homes, too. Large, open, walk – in shower stalls without trays, wet rooms add openness and airiness to the bathroom. They’re also easy to clean. Most wet rooms include a drain, stone or tile surfaces and a glass shower shield to block water from spraying into other parts of the room.
  • Spatial subtleties are increasing in popularity. Wall mounted toilets, floating vanities and recessed lighting create intriguing relationships between fixtures and space within a bathroom.
  • Color is always a hit in bathrooms, and today, buyers are looking for bold. You may want to consult a professional if you’re considering pumping up the color in your bathroom. Avoid making the space smaller with dark colors, but select bright, bold hues that will make the room pop.
  • Artwork is becoming more common in bathrooms. Andy Robinson, an interior designer in the UK, recently featured a bathroom that boasted an LED – packed panel on the ceiling above the bathtub that twinkles like the night sky. Bathrooms generate moisture so be sure to keep it safe and protected in the humid bathroom environment.
  • Function is paramount in the bathroom. Storage spaces should be hidden – dual vanities with quiet drawers are popular. Separate bathtubs and showers are preferred, and heated amenities – floors and towel racks – are bonuses. Fixtures should also be multi – functional. Shower-heads with several settings, lever taps and easy – to – clean drains are admired.

An Atlanta bathroom renovation can add value to your home, but you want to make sure that you’re renovating with current design trends at the forefront.

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