What Tools Do I Need In My House?

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Randy Glazer

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How many times have you asked your neighbor to borrow a tool that you didn’t have?Have you ever asked yourself why I don’t even own a hammer?Even though you might not have a tool belt, you should definitely own these core set of tools to make yourself feel more confident about fixing a few things around your house on your own.Let’s take a look at what we are talking about.For those of you who do have some or all of these tools…pat yourself on the back!!

Drill and Drill Bits
A multipurpose, battery operated drill can be used for a multiple number of things.This one tool can be used with all sorts of drill Bits.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench
Adjustable is the key word here.You really don’t need a full set of wrenches if you get this one kind because it will accommodate different size nuts and bolts.

This should be an obvious one!The one thing to note is that the rule of thumb is the size of the hammer corresponds to the size of the nail.

Extension Cord
This isn’t necessarily a tool, but it sure comes in handy for an outdoor gathering!

This tool is used for so many things.It can cut plastic, metal pipes, bolts and wood.It can cut more, but let’s be honest, you probably won’t be using it for anything else on your own!

Assortment of Nails and Screws
We are sure you have some of these laying around in all of your drawers….who doesn’t it?!What would be beneficial is to at least get a box with different compartments to separate all of them.Good luck! ?

Tape Measure
A really good retractable one is worth the extra few dollars.These are a must when hanging pictures or artwork…even if you choose to get adventurous and hang curtains!!

Utility Knife
This is really useful when you have hard plastic around anything.We’ve all been there when you try and open up battery packages!!They’re also great for breaking down boxes.

Step Stool
Again, not really a tool, but necessary nonetheless.If you are “vertically challenged”…a stool is a saving grace!!Time to clean the cobwebs off the fan!

Get a variety pack so it will have a Phillips head and flathead and so forth.

Scraper or Putty Knife
This can be used for removing stuck on glue or surfaces that are starting to peel off.


Buy a set of Pliers.You will be set with the variety of things to fix around your home.

A Set of Hex Keys
These can also be called Allen wrenches.We all know what those are since we all had to at least put ones piece of IKEA furniture together!!You can also use them for bikes and toys.

Safety Gear
Plastic gloves(which may be hard to find tight now), goggles and ear protection for loud yard tools are all essential.

In conclusion, if you can’t but all of these tight now, start with a few and keep adding on as you go.Have fun being your own handyman or handy woman!!

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