What Kind Of Home Finishes Should I Pick Out

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Randy Glazer

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Home Finishes

Now that you have decided to remodel or build new, the home finishes, or all the interior surfaces, such as floors, walls, ceilings, tile, countertops, hardware and paint need to be picked out. It’s so overwhelming to think about but let’s see how we can make it a little easier.

Choose Your Home Finishes


We all have looked through magazines, Pinterest and Houzz. What we haven’t all done is decide what is actually what WE like. We tend to go with the trends, but, you do not have to. You’ve spent all this time and money into your new home, so why design something that does not fundamentally suit our personality. Keep that in mind when picking your finishes out. It is your choice, not anyone else’s. Your home should inspire you and comfort you. Sometimes you will have to be brave and not go with the immediate trend, and it is ok!!


It certainly can be overwhelming when you think about all the individual items you need to make a decision on. From door hinges to door handle, from sinks to faucets, from floors and countertops…it is endless. Hey, don’t sweat the small stuff! If it was never important to begin with, then it should not be important now. Maybe you could split decisions up so it is easier for everyone. Another option is to have your builder or remodeler, guide you through them. Glazer Design & Construction certainly steers our clients in the right direction. We try to make this process as least stressful as possible. Some clients love to be involved in the detail while others definitely do not.


Usually think the more the better, but not in these circumstances. How about limiting your choices to make it less stressful for yourself. We think 2 choices for each item is very reasonable and attainable. Or, if it is something that is super important and stands out quite a bit, give yourself three or four choices to choose from.


You have to stay within your budget! It seems like an easy thing to do, but sometimes it is not. At Glazer Design and Construction we give you a bid and allowance. The allowances are where you can get yourself in trouble! This is where limiting your choices comes in handy. If you pick out the most expensive option, your allowances go up, which in turn means you are not staying within your budget. Keep to a reasonable mindset that there will definitely be some changes while you are building or remodeling, but if you can give and take on a few things then maybe you will eventually stay within your budget. People always forget that they might find something at cost, but then don’t take into account the labor costs…that never changes!


It is of the essence! Believe it or not, the quicker you make your decisions on finishes, the less stressful it is. Instead of waiting months, do it as soon as you can and stick with it! It’s always better in the long run to have everything ready for the builder when you need it.

Remember, picking out finishes should essentially be the fun part of the project. Get what you have always wanted and make it YOUR home. Have fun!

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