Top 5 Reasons for Winter Remodeling

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Randy Glazer

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Winter RemodelingMost people fail to see why winter is the perfect time to tackle your Atlanta home remodeling projects. However, there are several reasons why wintertime provides and ideal opportunity to spruce up the place. Of course, the days are shorter – leaving you less time to work – it’s colder and the weather is often uncooperative. Looking on the positive side, here are five reasons why these obstacles should be overcome for the sake of completing a winter home remodeling project.

  1. Pricing. Many Atlanta area contractors hike up prices during the spring and summer months to correspond with an increase in business. Avoid this spike in rates by hiring your contractors during winter.
  2. Contractor incentives. In addition to being lower priced, many contracting companies will offer incentives– such as discounted rates and weighty warranties – during the winter, to correspond with a lull in business.
  3. Planning and scheduling. Atlanta’s pace slows during winter – especially if crippled by ice and snow. It’s easier to find the time to plan your project, and contracting companies are less busy, making it simpler to schedule the work at your convenience.
  4. Exterior remodeling. While projects such as painting are discouraged during cold, wet winter months, many exterior remodeling tasks – such as adding a deck or enclosing a porch – can be completed.
  5. Vacations. Many people flock from harsh winters and vacation in warmer climates. If you’re going to be away from your home and have hired a trusted, experienced Atlanta contractor, that may be the perfect time to have the project completed. There are, of course, pros and cons that come with being absent during a home remodel, so be sure you’re comfortable with the distance and the team you’ve hired to do the work.

The winter so far has been mild with plenty of good days to attack the home improvement projects. For more information about winter remodeling, contact Glazer Design and Construction at 404.683.9848, or send an email to

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