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Randy Glazer

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Let’s face it… January 6 and 7th were cold days in Atlanta with the temperature reaching a low of 6 degrees. That’s not the coldest as on February 13th, 1899 a temperature of -9 degrees was recorded. Since then there have only been 8 days with temperatures below zero recorded in Atlanta. With cold in our minds and in the bones we thought it would be a great idea to review some tips to keep your home warm and save money on your heating bills.

Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

  1. Seal baseboards and caulk windows: Even the smallest of cracks and openings will allow cold air in. Check baseboards and windows every years before the cold weather hits.
  2. Insulate Your Pipes: Nothing is worse than waking up to a cracked pipe or frozen water pipes. Considering allowing your faucets to drip slowly to prevent freezing. Use buckets or bowls to avoid wasting the water.
  3. Wrap Your Water Heater and Ducts: Heat can easily escape these two so be sure that you retaining as much of the heat generated as possible.
  4. Put Weather-Stripping On Your Doors: Doors by themselves do not seal too tightly leaving room for heat to escape and cold air to enter. Weather-stripping will provide a tighter seal and help.
  5. Make Sure Your Windows Are Closed Properly: This is especially critical in older homes whose foundations have shifted. The window may seem closed but there still might be space left for air to enter and leave. Like with the doors in your home consider using weather-stripping.
  6. Cover Your Windows With Plastic: Another great alternative is to seal your windows with plastic. Hardware stores sell plastic specifically for windows and it works great to seal your windows. Just be sure that you’re not going to need to open your window before spring arrives.
  7. Keep Doors and Heater Vents Closed to Unused Rooms: If you’re not using a room keep it closed and divert the heat to more used spaces in your home by closing the heating vent.
  8. Add Rugs or Carpets to Floors: Rugs and carpets can help insulate your floor. Plus you;ll feel warmer walking on these rather than a cold floor.
  9. Insulate Your Attic and Crawl Space: Ideally the sides of your home are insulated with insulation in your walls. It just makes sense to ensure that the top and bottom of your home is equally insulated.

It won’t be long until Spring reaches Atlanta. Until then utilize these tips to keep your home warm …to stay warm.

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