The Ultimate Atlanta Kid Room


Randy Glazer

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atlnta kid roomHomes with children are usually homes with clutter – it’s unavoidable. It’s important to keep in mind storage, for both tons of toys and clothes. Also, you want to ensure that a child’s room has design features that make it a place they want to spend time in and a place they want to share with their friends. Here are some big time, as well as budget friendly, children’s room remodeling ideas that will turn their space into something special.

Alcove beds

Alcove beds can be built into the walls of a room. Hire a contractor who has experience with modifications such as these. Alcove beds are great for a kid’s room for two reasons. One, the bed is not free standing, taking up space and providing an area for children to hide things under. Two, it’s fun and cozy. Children can curl up in loads of blankets, pillows and toys for story time before bed.

Also, adding drawers into the wall, beneath the bed is an excellent storage solution. Run an inexpensive shower rod across the top of the alcove opening and ring up decorative curtains. Little girls and boys alike will love to close themselves into their own space.

Custom furniture and thrifty finds

As children grow, which they do rapidly, they need to get rid of toys and clothes to replace them with new. Contractors can help parents design custom closets and storage units to make organization a breeze.

For a more money saving approach, find old desks and chests of drawers at unfinished furniture suppliers and yard sales. With some sanding and repainting, cheap finds such as these can help transform the look of a kid’s room while adding space in which to keep their belongings.

Themed rooms that can grow with your children

Many children love themed rooms, from sports for little boys to pink princesses for girls. One of the biggest problems with ponies and baseballs is that children will quickly outgrow these themes. Instead, pick a theme that can age with the children, one they won’t see as juvenile as they get older.

Hire a contractor to build a double bunk bed the length of one of the walls. Behind it, paint a large mural, possibly of a tree or aquatic scene. Choose bedding that is plush and machine washable to match the paint colors.

Don’t neglect the floor. Rugs will not only add color and aesthetic appeal, they will help cushion the surface.

Children’s rooms are excellent places to really have some remodeling and design fun. Sit with a contractor to discuss your child’s personality, favorite colors and storage needs. He or she should be able to provide you with some ideas and guidance as to how you can create a kid’s room that’s both fun for them and functional for the entire family.

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