Tear Down Verses Remodel

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Randy Glazer

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Tear Down Verses RemodelHome renovations in Atlanta continue to be in high demand as more and more people choose to redesign their living space rather than moving to upgrade. Of course there is also the tear down verses remodel option to consider. There are many attractive older neighborhoods in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Decatur and Midtown with older homes in need of a little love and a home remodeling. There are also some homes that are probably better tear-down projects then remodels.

How Much Change is Needed

Combining rooms, extending towards the side and rear, converting basement or attic space to usable space are good candidates for a house remodel. On the other hand if combining rooms requires removing a anchor wall, or changing plumbing or electrical, if you don’t have space to extend out, up or down then you might be better suited by a tear down.

Quality of Construction or Condition of Home

If your home is in poor condition or has existing problems such as plumbing an electrical issues, mold, foundation issues, etc. then your remodeling costs are likely to creep beyond initial estimates. If you’ve never watched HGTV’s show “Love It or List It” do so before making a decision. The show gives homeowners two options after their home has been remodeled: Stay in the new home or sell it an move to new home found during the project. (not exactly tear down verses remodel but close enough).

Every episode seems to see a homeowner run into unexpected issues as the remodeling starts to take place. Inevitably the scope of the remodel gets scaled back as part of the remodel budget is sucked up by the unexpected problems found that need to be fixed. Still the remodels always result in a better home with an increased value making the decision to Love their remodeled home or list it and move to a new home.

What’s the Value of Your Existing Home

Here we’re primarily thinking in terms of the home current value, and the future value of a remodeled or rebuilt home. If your home is an older home is some of the historic neighborhoods in Atlanta then you also have to consider the historical value, and if choosing to tear down and rebuild, how your homes new design will fit into the neighborhood. Typically the cost to tear down and rebuild will be 20% more than an extensive home remodel, but the finished homes value (with new materials, construction techniques, and modern footprint) is likely to be higher. Plus you’ll be better able to build a house that meets your every need verses having to make some trade-off’s going the remodel route.

It’s All About Comfort and Dollars

In the end the decision will come down to how much each option costs and what comfort or functionality trade-offs you are or are not willing to accept. In either case you will be best served by engaging a qualified building contractor to help you walk through the decision making process.

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