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Randy Glazer

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There was a time when an Atlanta home remodeling project consisted of slapping on a fresh coat of paint or installing some new appliances . According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, this is no longer the case.

The recent economic turmoil has led homeowners down the path of being more wise, money-savvy and involved when it comes to home improvements.

According to NARI, “The unstable economy may have a slight relation to the recent polls showing that homeowners consider design an important factor in remodeling satisfaction. A more practical attitude toward spending in the last few years has amplified the homeowner’s involvement in each step of the remodeling process. That way, no leaf goes unturned.”

NARI’s national president-elect, Michael Hydeck, had a lot to say about the remodeling industry of today. “Today’s homeowners are smarter and more strategic when it comes to remodeling their homes… To be successful as a remodeler today, you must have full transparency with your client. That usually means open communication lines and joint decision making in every aspect of the job—budget, design, material selection, timeline and management.”

If you’re considering an Atlanta home remodel, keep this movement within the industry in mind. Remodeling with functionality and design at the forefront will not only enhance the livability of your home while you reside there, it will likely increase the value when it comes time to sell.

Atlanta Home Remodeling Items to Consider

  1. Focus your remodeling efforts in the areas of the home that get the most use. The kitchen, bathrooms and living rooms – where you relax – are all excellent spaces to remodel.
  2. Hydeck recommends keeping a log of what remodeling is done, when and how. Take before and after photographs and document questions, concerns, likes and dislikes throughout the process.
  3. Think green – green remodeling is no longer a trend. Eco-friendly improvements will save you money, and in the long run, increase the value of the home.
  4. Hydeck suggests, “Make a note of everything you do in your home and how you access it over the course of a few days before remodeling plans are put into action. What paths you take, which counters you set items on, where you store belongings, and where you sit and relax—those are the things that are going to determine your remodeling outcome.”

To ensure that you’re pleased with the process, design and end result, select an Atlanta contractor that is “transparent,” Hydeck says. You will want to be completely comfortable with your contractor, his or her body of work and the process they employ – from consultation to completion.

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