Smart Home Technology and Coronavirus

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Randy Glazer

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Let’s talk about 8 ways that home automation could help you get through this pandemic, or at least inspire you to be more cautious of germs!

Did you ever think about how many people touch the light switches in your house? I bet you do now! Even if it is just your own family, the light switches are really a breeding ground for germs. Can you imagine public places now? Stop, don’t think about it anymore. There are two ways to help prevent germs and to avoid light switches. First, there are motion activated lights that turn on and off when they sense movement. Second, you can control all the lights in your house by an app on your phone.

This is another place where there are tons of germs just hanging out! So many fingers are always adjusting the temperature. Let’s avoid this and install one. Again, you have the control of the whole house at your fingertips on an app on your phone. Probably more efficient too! Think about it, if you generally only stay in one part of the house most of the day then you can control the temperature in just that area and turn off in the unused areas. It could maybe even cut down on flu germs if it’s an accurate temperature. You never know!

What is a smart hub? It is a device that is like a voice controlled intercom system. They can be all around the house. They can be used for music, ordering things online (making it easier to not touch things and continue to avoid germs, and they are also helpful with the elderly so it’s easy for them to voice activate.

This is definitely one of the most convenient items to add to your smart home after the lighting control. These are door locks that can be activated by a remote or an app on your phone once again. These locks can be used inside as well. Think about a lock on your bedroom if you have to quarantine! This day and age you can never be too safe. Smart door locks are also super helpful when you have out of town guests come in and you aren’t home yet, and for kids when they get home from school.

They are a great addition to your home because they are motion activated and have night vision. These cameras are almost like your eyes and ears while you are not there.

A smart home needs good wifi. You know the feeling when you have spotty wifi – it’s awful! Imagine all these new smart home features you get and then can’t use properly because of a bad signal. Do yourself a favor and get the best internet provider with the fastest speed. It’s money well spent.

This is a great addition for an emergency so that you can run the basic functions of your house, such as your refrigerator or freezer, a few lights and your security system for an extended period.

Imagine condensing all your remotes into one. Voice control just makes your life easier. Well, it also helps with spreading germs! Think about it once again, one app, one voice, the automation is perfect for avoiding touching things unnecessarily. In other words, why not make your life a little more simplistic and avoid germs as much as possible. Hey, pandemic, go away! However, while you are waiting for it to subside, be safe!

Good luck on turning your home into a smart home!!

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