Smart Home Devices You Should Know

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Randy Glazer

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smart home devices

Some of us really are not technically savvy but these smart home devices seem relatively easy to use and they are not too expensive. Take a look at these and see if they could make your home “smarter”.

Smart Home Devices To Consider

This is the coolest looking remote that controls your smart lights and other home accessories when you rotate it to different sides. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and has an app, of course. Does look like a toy so you might want to hide from the kids!

This is a crazy inexpensive deal…$20!! It includes a motion sensor, two door/window contact sensors and a bridge to plug into the camera. Seems like a no brainer if you aren’t worried about a serious issue. It’s so small and convenient. Some of the reviews state that the batteries are not great, but all of the smart camera systems you have to deal with some sort of battery recharge.

It is a smaller Echo speaker that plugs directly into a wall outlet so you can install it in a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or anywhere else where you don’t have a shelf to put a speaker, but where you still want a voice-controlled assistant. It is also great in small spaces so you do not have to have a bigger speaker. Some place like a dark hallway or even a closet.

The Bond connects your ceiling fan to an app, to Google Assistant or to Alexa. Then you can put the remote away and just tell your voice assistant to switch the fan on or off. How awesome is that? We don’t know about you, but we are always losing the remote for the fan and this sure makes things easy.

The whole point of this home automated hub is an extra layer of privacy. The automation is done locally, not in the cloud. That means that it is less likely you could be hacked. Remember hearing about the baby monitors that someone has hacked and then start talking? That is a scare that will not happen when it is done without the cloud.

Have you ever been laying in bed on a Sunday morning and realize you should really get up and water the lawn but are too comfy in bed? Eve Aqua is the perfect solution. You hook it between your spigot and your hose, set a schedule on the app and that is all!!

Even though it is not run by the internet, it is still pretty “smart”. Lawn mowing can still be more energy-efficient and a whole lot quieter with this electric mower. It is self propelled which makes it so much easier and who doesn’t like the idea of a quieter mower? You’ll never wake up the neighbors again!!

Research these smart home devices yourself and hopefully you will find one or all of these smart devices make your life a little better for you and your family!

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