Protect Your Home During The Holidays

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Randy Glazer

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Here are nine tips to help you protect your home during the holidays while traveling or even if you are staying at home.

Advertise Your Alarm Company: If you have a home security system then let the world know. Place signs around your home and place stickers on your doors and windows. Don’t have a home alarm system? Fake it and put a sign up anyway.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed: It doesn’t make sense to leave your front door open so it shouldn’t make sense to leave your garage door open considering its about five times larger. Besides the valuable items you may sotre in your garage, its a pathway into your home.

Get to Know Your Neighbors: Beside just part of being a good neighbor yourself, this friendly gesture can help protect your home. When your neighbors are your friends they pay more attention to your home, they likely know when you’re away on vacation, and they can keep there eye out for strangers on your property.

Keep Valuable Out of the Obvious Place: Most people keep their jewelry in their bedroom so your master bedroom is one of the first stops for a burglar in your home. Consider keeping your jewelry in a less obvious place, at lest if you’re traveling and away from the home. Also don’t leave the keys to your second vehicle where it can easily be found.

Trim Back Landscaping: Burglars prefer not to be seen. Shrubs and bushes around your home can provide cover to check out your home and break in unseen. Keep your bushes trimmed and your house may seem less appealing.

Light It Up With Motion Sensors: Burglars don’t like to be seen so light is your friend. Motion sensor lights turn automatically on when triggered and are an effective defense for your home.

Radio running: A silent home is likely an empty home. Leaving a radio on gives the impression that someone is home.

Free Police Inventory: Have you ever had a safety check on your home. Many police departments will send an officer out to your home to take a look.

Leave the Lights On: Use timers to have lights turn on and off at specific times. Once again if there’s a possibility that someone is home burglars are likely to move on to a less risky house.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays.

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