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Randy Glazer

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More Home Design Trends for 2022!

Yes, it is almost 2022!! It is a crazy thought but we can not deny that the last 18 months has caused us all to ponder a lot more about our oasis we call home. Do you have any ideas on what is trending? Are you looking forward to a fresh start for the new year? Let’s take a look at what is new, or old again, in 2022.


home design trends for 2022We have all heard about supply chain issues, so what is the simplest way to solve that problem? Buy vintage! Shopping vintage is greener and clearly more sustainable. Mix in the old with the new. Vintage also reflects uniqueness in your home. Go ahead, show off your personality with a one of a kind piece you find upscaling!


The key point is we are trending towards timelessness and longevity. Calming and natural balance will make any space feel more relaxed. Use woods mixed with natural stone like travertine.


Black accents and black hardware will be very popular in 2022. Choose light and neutral colors for things like couches and paint colors but a pop of black accent for contrast. Using black accents for such things as lamps or even changing out handles on side tables or a sideboard for that pop and depth.


Most people are still spending more time at home. With that said, large windows and high ceilings are so important to bring in the natural light that gives people the sense of being outside and enjoying the outdoor scenery while still working in their home office.


What are textured fabrics you ask? How about velvet, Sherpa and boucles. What they all have in common is coziness; but, they can be chic at the same time. Do you know what else will be popular? Fringe! Fringe on sofas and ottomans. Not sure if that is your best bet with a new puppy though!


There will still be the need for versatility in the home. It means that you will still want to be able to transform a space for different activities such as the dining room table or kitchen island as a desk.


Brown, copper and earthy tones mixed with grays and blacks seem to be what’s on trend for next year. Sofas with curves, chairs with soft lines and hammered metal all seem to be coming in to play.


Who hasn’t had a little more to drink during the pandemic? We are not judging! The trend is to incorporate some unused space and make it in to a beautiful and unique bar with various colors.


Indoor plants have a calming effect and promote clean air. A living wall and hanging plants will make any room more zen!


Marble is here to stay especially if they are bold and heavy. Even rough and rugged marble will be trending.

If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement, the above 2022 home design trendsshould get you started. Take a chance and do something little to transform your home in to 2022!

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