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Randy Glazer

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Outdoor EntertainingSpring and summer in Atlanta are synonymous with outdoor entertaining. Your yard is an extension of your home, and with some simple changes, you can use your outdoor living areas to entertain guests and accentuate your space.

Outdoor Entertaining Ideas


Patios are versatile and add functional, open-air space to your home. They can be created from concrete slabs, ornate tile, brick and stone. Patios serve as firm foundations for setting up outdoor barbeques and create an area that’s ideal for outdoor furniture.


Unlike patios, porches are directly connected to the home’s structure. It’s easier to enclose and run electricity to a porch, rather than a patio. Porches can be connected to any floor of the house, making elevated entertaining space an option.


An excellent way to make your outdoor entertaining areas feel more like those indoors is through décor. Home improvement and garden centers feature an array of weather – friendly rugs, furniture and pillows. Umbrellas and shade covers can help you enjoy your entertaining areas in hotter temperatures and brighter sun.


Incorporating the landscape integrates your outdoor areas into nature. Use trailing plants and vines along the railings of porches and decks. Plant brightly colored annuals in planters around the edges of patios. Potted plants are also great accents for tabletops and retaining walls. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, consider planting an edible garden with vegetables and herbs.


Be sure you have sufficient lighting to enjoy your outdoor space in both daytime and at night. Simple strands of outdoor lights, electric lanterns even electricity-connected fixtures are all options.

Water Features

If you have a pond, pool or pathway outside your home, work to incorporate them into your entertaining areas. One of the greatest perks of living in the South is the temperate climate. Contact a contractor with experience creating outdoor living areas for more ideas on how you can get the most out of your yard.

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