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Randy Glazer

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bathroom renovation tipsA simple Atlanta bathroom remodel can make the area look larger without spending a lot of money. If you’re on a budget and want to improve the look and feel of your small space, consider these simple bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Get Rid Of That Dated Shower Curtain

If you have a dated shower curtain or tinted shower doors, your long overdue for an update. Heavy shower curtains and dark shower doors make your bathroom appear even smaller. Instead, have a customized clear or translucent shower doors installed in your shower or tub. You’ll appreciate the spacious difference every time you enter the bathroom.

Change Your Bathroom Entrance

The door into your bathroom can be re-hinged or changed to create more space as you enter. Often doors swing into a room, taking up precious space. Change the position of the hinges to make the door swing out. Another alternative are pocket doors that open and slide right into the walls. A professional contractor such as Glazer Construction will help you choose the best alternative for your simple bathroom renovations.

Lighten It Up

Dark wallpaper, paint or tiles makes your little bathroom appear even smaller. Create the illusion of space with light wall colors such as white, light beige, pale gray, light blue or pale pink. Avoid dark colors such as burgundy, navy and hunter green. If you prefer these colors, add bathroom accessories in those tones to liven up the room.

Use Mirrors and Lights

Just like a good magician, you can create many bathroom illusions by using mirrors and lights. Add long mirrors on the walls that make the bathroom look twice its normal size. Include a mirror over the toilet and above the sink. Install track lighting or overhead lighting to further illuminate the mirrors to make the bathroom appear more spacious. A skilled contractor from Glazer Construction will strategically hang mirrors and install lighting to improve the appearance of your current bathroom.

Change Your Sink

Instead of using an oversize sink with a vanity, consider an attractive pedestal sink or corner sink to save space. Contact an expert from Glazer Construction to help you plan your bathroom renovations down to the right sink for your small space.

These are just a few Atlanta bathroom remodel tips to help you make a small bathroom appear larger.

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