Kitchen Design On A Dime


Randy Glazer

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kitchen designYour kitchen is a constant source of nourishment and satisfaction. From making a midnight snack to preparing for a party, the kitchen is a gathering place to nourish body, mind and spirit. If your cooking space looks like a relic from decades gone by, it’s time to consider a new kitchen design on a dime.

Assess Your Kitchen Space

Even if your budget is small, you can get big results from minor kitchen renovations. Consider remodeling rather than tearing out your entire kitchen. Assess the “target” areas you want to improve or make more efficient. Once you know what you want, you’re ready to transform your kitchen into an edible oasis.

Compromise With Quality

There are many ways to compromise with quality when it comes to kitchen design updates. While you may not be able to afford marble or granite countertops, there are durable laminates that look like the real thing. You might long for ceramic floors but vinyl can be equally attractive and functional. Energy efficient appliances save you money on utility bills for years to come. Stock cabinets with custom pieces added can save you a bundle.

Hire A Professional or Do-It-Yourself?

When you do-it-yourself, you risk making mistakes that ultimately cost more money down the road. You also need to take time away from your work, business and family to spend endless hours remodeling your kitchen. Hiring a professional often saves time, money and a multitude of errors. Glazer Construction will advise you of the best ways to remodel your kitchen within the parameters of your current budget. Instead of guessing and getting the wrong answers, get the straight skinny from a professional. You know your kitchen design project will be completed in a timely, efficient manner.

How Do You Hire A Professional?

Glazer Construction makes it easy to hire a professional contractor. Simply meet with a pro from Glazer to discuss your kitchen design dreams and budget. After a personal meeting, you receive a proposal with accurate pricing. When a contract is agreed upon, plans are drawn up for your approval. The site is prepared and protected then work begins. You have a weekly meeting with a Glazer professional to discuss the progress of your kitchen design project. Change orders are prepared along the way so you never receive a surprise bill at the end. When the work is finished, the job site is cleaned up. You receive a 1-year warranty on the work and a Glazer professional with check with you in 3 months to make sure you’re completely happy. Having a beautiful new kitchen is easier than you think!

Let a leader in the construction industry take care of your entire kitchen renovation to ensure top quality work. Glazer Construction specializes in all types of construction projects in the Metro Atlanta area. To learn more more about beautiful Atlanta kitchen remodeling with a 1-year warranty contact us at 404.683.9848, email or complete our Fast Form below.

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