Just How Organized Are You?


Randy Glazer

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We do not know about you, but we are not the most organized people in our household. We would like to be; but, we just have to bite the bullet and do it with a little direction. This is what we found to be a little helpful. If you are starting new construction or a renovation project then perhaps your cabinet maker will be able to design some amazing storage ideas for you. If you are just taking a weekend to tidy up and organize, then these tips might help you. We will break them down into different rooms of the house.


Who has trouble falling asleep? We do! Guess what? Might be because the dust and clutter are keeping you awake. After you do that, take out everything from your closet and drawers. Throw out anything with holes and try on everything to see if it still fits. If not, make a pile for donations and get it out of the house. Other pieces of clothing that need to be dry cleaned or altered, put that in a separate pile and take it to the dry cleaner.


Wash those damp and smelly towels and get rid of the soap scum. The other project here is going through the medicine cabinet. Throw out expired prescriptions! Also, throw out those things that you’ve tried once but don’t actually use. Even if it was on sale, and you tried it once and do not like it, throw it out! Space is limited in a bathroom. Put those random band aids in a separate storage container…have to start somewhere!


This room is a universal room for sure. We all use it for many reasons like a gathering spot, a movie room, a library and even where we eat our meals. With that said, a lot of things that do not belong there get left. Start by putting all those things back in their appropriate place. Next step…clean!! Vacuum and dust shades and blinds, mantels and bookshelves…get it all! Now that’ll make you feel better.


Who puts everything on the dining room table that doesn’t belong there? We all do! Remove all items like returns or library books from the table. This space should be dedicated to family meals. Get rid of all non-essential items and return them to their rightful place.


Oh the kitchen, the most used space in all of the house. That means it gets the dirtiest. Start with a deep clean especially in those places you tend to ignore. Now go to the refrigerator and take everything out. Please throw away that salad dressing you only tried once and hated! How about 2 half open jars of the same thing…try combining them. After those things are done clean off the shelves and wash out those bins.

How do you feel about organization now? Are you ready to tackle this? If you just take one room by one room it will not seem overwhelming. If you decide you might need some more space…Glazer Design And Construction can renovate your home to suit your needs!

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