Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback

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Randy Glazer

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Is Wallpaper Making a ComebackFor many years, wallpaper has been considered a design faux pas. It can make a room feel cluttered and small; it’s a pain to remove; people try to paint over old wallpaper and inevitably fail. Thus, many homeowners have opted to simply paint their walls to add color and aesthetic appeal to a room. Painting is fast and easy to change, not requiring a steamer or scraper to remove and replace.

Is wallpaper making a comeback? Better Homes and Gardens suggests that if selected thoughtfully and used creatively, wallpaper can be a seriously effective design tool, adding focal points, color and creativity to your space.

Let’s look at a few ways you can update your Atlanta home and its furnishings using wallpaper.

  1. Use a bright – colored wallpaper with a classic pattern in large rooms. Sunny yellow, neutral – tones or bright – hued papers with clean patterns can make over-sized rooms feel cozier.
  2. Use wallpaper to line the backs of built-in shelves or shelves on certain pieces of furniture. You can select a pattern and color to complement the remainder of your room while sprucing up favorite furnishings.
  3. BHG suggests using swatches of wallpaper above fireplaces or paneling to break up space and add points of focus within a room. You can also jazz up table tops with wallpaper. Cover the applied paper with a sheet of glass for protection.
  4. You don’t have to paste wallpaper directly to a wall. Frame pieces of color – coordinated wallpaper to create interesting artwork.
  5. Use wallpaper on the ceiling.
  6. Enhance the effect of wallpaper by pasting stripes alongside complementary paint colors, as opposed to papering the entire wall.
  7. Create wallpapered panels for a headboard.
  8. Wallpaper the inside of kitchen cabinets, wall – hanging jewelry cases or cupboards.

No longer dated, wallpaper can be a fairly easy and affordable way to spruce up your space.

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