Is an Atlanta Water Feature Right for You?

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Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Water FeatureHomeowners are fond of Atlanta water features for several reasons. They create tranquility in some yards while bringing elements of nature into others. Some have fish, others have luscious plants. Some are still, and in some, water moves about freely. Options for creating an aesthetically pleasing water feature are endless.

Pre–made forms can be found at hardware and home improvement stores. Simply dig a hole, drop them in and viola, a pond. Of course, there is water circulation, upkeep and safety to ponder.

Here are 5 considerations you should take before deciding whether or not a water feature is right for you.

  1. Hire a contractor or do it yourself? Both options are viable; however, contractors will possess experience planning and installing other water features. They’ll likely be familiar with building permits in the area, if any are needed for your specific undertaking.
  2. Think about location. Water features are typically a permanent addition to your landscape. Avoid placing it under large trees, unless you’re looking for your water feature to fill with leaves and debris. Check utility lines before digging and zoning codes regarding property line proximity.
  3. Do you want idle or moving water? If you’re looking for a pleasant bubbling, you’ll have to take into consideration water pumps, plumbing and electricity. Standing water doesn’t typically require these additions.
  4. Wildlife is something to consider before deciding if you want moving or still water in your feature. Moving water provides more oxygen for fish and frogs, but both still and moving water can be ideal for plant growth. Determine which types of plants you want before deciding on the location of your water feature to ensure they’ll receive ample light.
  5. Safety is a water feature concern, especially for households with children. Shallow water features are safer than deeper ones, and retaining walls or high–up locations can make them inaccessible to children.

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