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Randy Glazer

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Home storage solutions can bring calm and order to your home. Keeping everything organized is easier said than done. Many homes, especially older ones, have minimal closet space and kitchens with limited cabinet storage.

There are small, DIY–type things you can do to improve your home’s organization. There are also larger projects – ones you’ll want to consult a contractor before tackling – that make de–cluttering your home a piece of cake.

In the Kitchen

With pots and pans, canned goods and constant use, the kitchen can get cluttered in a hurry. Be smart about your storage. Use the backs of cabinet doors to hang potholders or keep notes. You can make any surface magnetic with simple sheet metal, and then you can attach all sorts of items with magnets.

Consider an island or butcher block on wheels. It can be rolled away when not in use; you can store things in its drawers and bins; and it gives you added counter space when it’s time to prepare a meal.

If you’re in the market for a kitchen renovation, make storage a priority. Large, rotating corner cabinets; pantries with deep bins for storing produce; and customized pull – out drawers for stacking spices in between large appliances can be built in during a remodel.

The Laundry Room

Like the kitchen, the laundry room gets plenty of traffic. By using a front–loading washer and dryer, you can maximize folding space by tucking them beneath a counter. You can also cover them with a curtain or folding door to hide them from sight when not in use.

Be sure you have a place for everything. A simple set of shelves above your washer and dryer will make organizing your detergents, stain fighters and fabric softeners a breeze.

On a larger scale, have your contractor customize your laundry area. Leave room for a small seating area so you can rest while you fold or read a book while doing the wash.

The Office

Most home offices are characterized by paper disarray. Label individual baskets or bins and keep bills, important documents and reminders separated. Have a shredder handy and discard documents that you no longer need.

Be smart about your workspace. Keep your desk’s surface tidy; bundle and label the many cords running to and from the outlets; use file folders, notebooks and other organization accessories to manage the clutter on your desk. A basic divider for pens, pencils, tape, scissors and other basic needs is helpful.

Larger Organization Projects

These solutions will help you tidy small parts of your home, but if disorganization has taken over, you may want to consider bigger changes. The attics and basements in most homes are underutilized, but they are perfect spaces for customized storage solutions.

  • If you have a carport, consider closing it in, thinking about what organizational features can be built in during the process.
  • If you have lawn equipment and tools scattered about, think about having a basic outdoor shed built in which to house these items.

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