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Randy Glazer

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Housing prices are soaring these days. Some older people are asking themselves should I downsize or stay in place. The market is so crazy now that you could potentially make a ton of money but then where would you go since the prices are so high?! It’s essentially a Catch 22. So, if you decide to stay in your home there are a few home renovations that will make life a bit easier as you age gracefully in place. These renovations or projects can be done as you feel you may need them and not all at once. Here are a few examples that might benefit you as you age.


Installing grab bars in bathrooms allows for easier mobility throughout the bathroom. A grab bar can help you get out of the tub or shower without worrying about falling or slipping. The whole idea of a grab bar or railing is to create stability. Another way to help with your stability is by installing a shower seat. As you get older, you do start to lose your balance so a shower seat is essentially a great resting place when you feel like you might start to sway. Now you might be thinking it will look unattractive to have these up but both grab bars and shower seats can be quite decorative now.


The kitchen is the center of the home and you want it warm and inviting and also sensible as you age. Having a refrigerator with long handles helps believe it or not, they are just easier to open. Make sure the freezer is not on the bottom so you do not have reach down too much. In general, make it conducive to your height. Make sure to also have a refrigerator with good lighting. Microwaves are safer the conventional ovens. They include simple controls, large knobs and easy to read displays.


Your doorways should be more than 32 inches to accommodate a wheelchair if need be. Also, avoid stairs and make it a no-step entryway into your home.


Having good lighting around your house, even the natural light that comes through the windows, helps you move about your house more freely. Install under cabinet lighting and using light window coverings can help with better visual accuracy. Replacing lower wattage bulbs with higher wattage can enhance things as well.Last but not least, night lights spread about help with your vision as well.
Some of these renovations seem obvious but preparing for them is not something we often take into consideration. Take the time to plan out what be suitable for you and your family. Whether Glazer Design & Construction renovates an existing space or builds an addition on to your home, there are so many new advances out there that will make aging in place way more tolerable and enjoyable. Having a designer can help you the design aspect, an architect to have a substantial renovation and a general contractor will help execute!

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