Home Renovation Problems to Avoid

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Randy Glazer

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Home Renovation Problems to AvoidHome renovations require substantial planning, budgeting and working with a professional who can ensure the construction is done properly. As with many projects, there will be hiccups and unforeseen problems during the process. For this reason, try to give yourself a cushion of funds designated to address unexpected glitches.

Also, it’s important to be aware of some of the biggest problems people face when making home upgrades. Knowing they exist will help you prepare for and avoid these four home additions hang-ups.

  1. Structural issues can arise at any stage of the home addition process. If you’re adding a second story, there may be problems with the floor support. The ceiling of the first level may not have been constructed to support the weight of a second-story unit.If you’re adding to the home on existing foundation, it may need to be reinforced to support the new weight.
  2. Almost any room you add will require electricity, and oftentimes, dated wiring and older electrical units can’t support the need. Do your research for the current safety codes concerning the power upgrade.
  3. Hazardous materials, not so long ago, were used in many portions of the home. If your home is 20 years or older, it’s possible that lead paint was used on the walls. It’s also possible that asbestos, a carcinogen, was used in the insulation. If hazardous materials are present, they require professional removal.
  4. Lack of planning is probably the biggest problem people face when adding to the home. By sitting down with a contractor, addressing the project, drawing plans and prepping for problems that might arise, you give yourself the greatest chances of success.

Work with a professional contractor that not only has home renovation experience , but one that has a detailed process for doing so in place. A detailed proposal should follow the personal meeting. Meet your team face-to-face. You’ll be spending substantial time around one another, so it’s important you feel comfortable.

Request that you be kept informed during the pre-construction phase, and if periodic meetings are possible, take advantage of them. You’ll be happier with the end result if you participate during the project.

Ask about post-construction cleanup and warranties. Make sure they will handle all of the cleaning and can offer warranties on their products.

Regardless of what space you’re adding to your home, working with a trustworthy, well-respected design and construction company will give you the biggest leg up.

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