Guest Room Remodeling and Design Ideas

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Randy Glazer

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Guest Room Remodeling and Design IdeasGuest rooms are often the realm of leftovers. They aren’t placed in the most desirable rooms, and they’re frequently filled with spare, mismatched furniture and leftover knick knacks. Typically, this is fine, but if you want your guests to feel truly at home, consider integrating a few of these guest room remodeling bedroom essentials.

Guest Room Remodeling Ideas


You think about lighting in every room of your house, so the guest bedroom should be no exception. If you’re considering a guest room remodel, think about large windows and skylights. Select aesthetically pleasing, appropriately bright lighting fixtures.


In addition to a comfortable bed – ideally a full or larger – create a space within your guest room where your visitors can relax. Consider hiring a contractor to build a customized, cushioned window seat. Or take the DIY route and arrange a small sitting area with a table, comfy chair and select magazines or books.


While you have comfort in mind, think about linens. Put higher thread count sheets and pillow cases, plus quality towels, in your guest bedroom and bath to ensure comfort.


The ultimate guest room luxury is a private bathroom. If you’re considering remodeling a guest room, talk with a contractor about adding a bathroom. You’ll have to consider your budget, as well as your electrical and plumbing options, but if feasible, adding a guest bathroom is a great idea.


On a smaller scale, think about the little things you can do when guest room remodeling your home to make it more guest-friendly. Put a carafe of water, clean cup and cloth napkin by the bedside. Consider hanging a nice robe and keeping a pair of slippers available. Have a few extra blankets around in case your guests get cold. And, if you’re the kind of host that goes all out, have a sound system available and movie options on the television.

Don’t go so far that your guest room feels like a hotel, but think about the things you value in your bedroom and translate those features to function in your guest room. Glazer Design and Construction is happy to consult with you about guest room remodeling and design ideas. Call us at 404.683.9848, email us at or complete our Fast Form below.

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