Green Remodeling for 2010

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Randy Glazer

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Remodeling Trends: Green Remodeling Products

As a new year begins and you may consider remodeling projects in your Atlanta home, be aware of the energy saving or recycled products you can use to create a greener home:

  1. HETs or high efficiency toilets. While the Atlanta drought of 2007 may be a distant memory after the floods of 2009, high efficiency toilets are a simple upgrade to your bathrooms that save money with every flush. If your existing toilets were installed before 1990, you could be saving up to 3 gallons (maybe more!) by installing new high efficiency toilets that use less than 2 gallons to fill. HETs are available from many different manufacturers and can be installed by handy homeowners or Atlanta bathroom remodeling specialists like Glazer Construction.
  2. EnergyStar appliances. EnergyStar rated appliances are easy to find at most Atlanta appliance retailers, and you may be amazed at the options available today. Whether your outdated dishwasher is ready for replacement or you are looking for a new, colorful washer and dryer for your renovated laundry room, manufacturers are creating household appliances that do a superior job while helping lower energy costs.
  3. Green insulation. Surprisingly, household insulation is available in a range of recycled or sustainable materials, designed for uses from your attic all the way down to the basement where sensitive plumbing needs additional barriers from the cold. Remember insulation also saves energy so “greens” your home in multiple ways.

Ready to explore green remodeling for your Atlanta home? Contact Glazer Design & Construction for ideas on how to improve your home and the environment as well!

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