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Randy Glazer

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Now that you’re considering home improvement, green home remodeling is a popular choice. Everyone is concerned about their environmental footprint in a world overrun with pollution and trash. Green home remodeling in the metro Atlanta area makes your home look and work better. Homeowners save money on utilities, add to the value of their homes and improve their health and environment with green home remodeling.

In Your Bathroom and Laundry Room

Although the bathroom and laundry room are usually the smallest rooms in your house, they both use a lot of energy and water. From taking a bath to washing your clothes, water needs to be heated and the space must be ventilated. Windows, water systems, fixtures, flooring and other elements in these rooms become more efficient after green home remodeling.

In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often the center of the house and entertaining. With multiple appliances and the continued use of water, many green home remodeling updates can be made so your kitchen is more efficient. Fixtures, flooring, countertops, sinks, refrigerators, appliances and cabinetry are all examined so they make the smallest possible environmental footprint without compromising convenience.

Remodeling Throughout Your Home

The rest of your room also benefit from green home remodeling. Updated lighting fixtures, electrical units, air conditioning systems, heating systems, insulation and windows can save you hundreds of dollars off the cost of utilities. Green paint beautifies your home without compromising your family’s health or the environment.

Outside Your Home

From a new roof to nontoxic landscaping materials to solar lighting, there are multiple green home remodeling opportunities outside your home, too.

Where Can I Find Green Home Remodeling In The Metro Atlanta Area?

In 1989, Randy Glazer began his career in the construction industry. By 1995, Randy moved to Atlanta and started Glazer Design & Construction to serve the Metro Atlanta area. Randy is Earthcraft Home Building Certified to offer the latest green home remodeling techniques. In 1999, EarthCraft House™ was created as the residential green building programs of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders. The program is the blueprint for energy efficient homes.

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