Glazer Builds Construction Business From Ground Up

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Randy Glazer

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Featured in: The Jewish Times
Written by: Jason Butt

Randy Glazer used to be referred to as “Handy Randy.”

And for good reason: He was a handy man. He did numerous hands-on jobs for anyone who needed them when he first moved to Atlanta from Connecticut.

As the handy man jobs increased, the referrals did too.

“My business started growing from, if you can do a deck, why can’t you do a sun room?” Glazer said. “If you can do a sun room, why can’t you do a second story addition? It kept growing. Then it became custom homes, custom kitchens, bathrooms and basements.”

But it was falling off of a ladder while performing a manual labor job that led Glazer to become a contractor.

*Full Story is no longer available online at the Jewish Times.

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