Fun Bedrooms for Children

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Randy Glazer

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Creating fun bedrooms for children can be one of the most fun remodeling and redecorating tasks you will undertake in your Atlanta home. Using your child’s favorite characters, whether they are princesses, pirates, race cars, dinosaurs or jungle animals, you can choose a theme for the room that makes them happy every time they walk in. Having fun and using their imaginations are part of being a kid, and their bedroom should allow the benefits of both.

Ideas for Fun Bedrooms for Children

While planning the room, keep in mind that your child will be growing and the bedroom’s theme should be one that continues to please the child. Some of the things that are popular today might not even be in tomorrow. The decor becomes more flexible when only one wall includes applied characters, posters or designs, and bookshelves on other walls may be home to stuffed toys or other items that carry forth the theme. Cork board squares can be used for their favorite pictures that match the bedroom theme. The walls can then be easily updated with new decorations as the kids’ tastes mature.

An excellent way to turn a little girls’ room into the bedroom of a princess is to build specialty pieces into the structure, like a loft-type bed that resembles the entrance of a royal palace. Also, you could build in some bookshelves along the walls and even put in a revolving shoe rack for an added feel of splendor.

The same can be done with a boy’s room, by utilizing a bed that is built to look like a pirate ship, race car or space ship. Built-in desks are also highly recommended for a child’s room, as they will be used throughout the child’s school career. If it is beyond your abilities to build bookcases or desks, hire an expert to help you turn your child’s dream room into a reality.

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