Focusing on Floors


Randy Glazer

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Flooring plays several roles in a household. It’s functional, and it serves as a design feature. Some floors are fit for kitchens and bathrooms – such as tile and stone – while others – such as hardwood and carpet – are more appropriate elsewhere. Regardless of the types of floors your Atlanta home has, winter is sure to take a toll on them. Dirt, mud and moisture are problems for many types of flooring, so this winter, take the time to protect your investment by following these basic floor maintenance guidelines.

Hardwood Floors

  • Keep the floors free of dirt and dust. Debris acts as an abrasive agent when walked on; it can scratch and dent your floors; and it can work to remove the finish from the surface.
  • Brooms are effective for periodic maintenance, but dust mops and vacuums with special hardwood attachments are best for removing all dust and dirt.
  • When mopping, don’t use abrasive chemicals or cleaners designed to maintain other types of flooring. Avoid excess water, as it can warp planks and damage unfinished hardwood floors.

Stone Floors

  • Ensure the seal on your stone floors is secure before winter arrives. Stone is porous and is easily damaged by moisture. Keeping a thick, protective seal on them helps prevent wear and tear.
  • Clean stone floors much as you would hardwoods. Remove dust and dirt to prevent scratching, and when mopping, avoid excess water or acidic cleaners.
  • Polishing of stone floors should be done by a professional. One polish annually is common, but marble may require more frequent attention.

Tile Floors

  • Like stone, tile is porous and can stain easily. Since often found in kitchens and bathrooms, difficult stains are common complaints from homeowners with tile flooring. Bleach can remove most surface stains – on the tiles, as well as the grout – but the surest way to remove stubborn stains is with muriatic acid. While this can be a DIY project, industry professionals have been using the chemical for years; it’s advised to contact one before tackling this project.
  • General maintenance of tile floors includes sweeping, using a dust mop and wet mopping.
  • Having a solid seal on your tile floors, like stone, helps avoid problematic staining.

Homebuyers notice floors – whether the finish is fresh, if chips or dents are present, if the design is dated. When selling a home, or remodeling for yourself, be sure to put some focus on flooring. Contact Glazer Design and Construction at 404.683.9848 or to learn more about floor remodeling and maintenance.

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