Five Atlanta Commercial Build Out Considerations


Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Commercial Build Out ConsiderationsTo use a cliché, an Atlanta commercial build out is somewhat of a two – edged sword. When people start a business, there are taxes, inspections, fees and construction costs. Then comes the day – to – day difficulties of keeping a company on its feet, attracting customers and earning income.

When it comes time for a commercial build out or renovation, some business owners are terrified – and for good reason. If you don’t pick the right Atlanta commercial contractor, the process can be a true pain. It’s important to understand the process and to work with a team that has experience in commercial renovations.

Atlanta Commercial Build Out & Renovation Tips

Budget plenty of time for the project

Whether you’re moving into a new space or updating your current company, don’t rush things. Don’t sign a lease on a building, turn around, and tell your contractors you need to move in within the month.

Get a qualified estimate

An estimator should speak with you about all the features or updates you want to see during the commercial remodeling – plumbing upgrades, HVAC systems, new lighting, added floor space. You should also discuss fire regulations, zoning issues and the age of the building itself.

Request a site inspection before you move into a building

If you’re remodeling your current Atlanta commercial property, have several contractors provide you with a site inspection. It’s a good way to get a feel for the companies you’re comparing and an excellent opportunity to troubleshoot some of your ideas and concerns.

Design and project specifications are crucial

Your Atlanta commercial remodeling contractor should provide you with visuals, an on – paper or computer representation of the changes that are going to be made. Once you agree on all the project specifications, the contractor cannot omit elements after the work begins. It’s also binding for the business owner, and if alterations are desired after renovations commence, both parties need to be on board.

Commercial build outs and renovations take time

Even more so if you select an Atlanta contractor that doesn’t have experience with successful scheduling, or if they are over–booked. Be sure to discuss timelines with your contractor because the more drawn out the process, the more potential for lost revenue exists.

Post–project customer support can be a selling point for many business owners. Talk with your contractors to see if they will be available for follow-ups during the settling in period.

It’s true, Atlanta commercial build out and renovation projects, both big and small, can be a challenge. Limit the potential for headaches by selecting a construction and design company with successful projects in their portfolio.

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