Do You Know Your Vocabulary?

Home Renovation

Randy Glazer

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So, if you think you might be confused about some renovation lingo? Let us help you. These are a few basic terms that are used in the construction industry that seem basic to some, but will be helpful to most. Here we go…


These are people who are skilled in a certain area such as an electrician, a plumber, or a painter. Most of the time they are called just that, but if you hear tradespeople, you will know that in general, they are people with a specific skill.


This is the wood floor that is put over the joists to provide stability. After that is when you add your tile or wood floor or carpet.


You can alternate a sub to a tradesperson. Usually, a subcontractor is hired by the general contractor.  For example, an electrician or a plumber.


Getting a building permit from the local building department that ensures a building inspector has reviewed the blueprints and will inspect the project to make sure it’s up to code.


Pretty self explanatory. Removing an interior wall and maybe putting it up somewhere else according to the blueprints.


This has to do with powering the home. It is what is inside the walls and the ceilings. For example, electricity and plumbing and even the duct work for HVAC.


Do you really know? 🙂 It stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.


LIterally removing everything from a room until its bare and only the framing, subfloor and the wires left inside the walls and ceilings are left.


They are responsible for the day to day tasks on the project. They talk to all people associated with the project such as subcontractors, designers and architects. This is your point of contact and who you will usually deal with.


Rebar-reinforced concrete that sits under the foundation to provide support for the overall structure. Footing size and depth are guided by building codes.


Time to knock out all the old stuff!! All materials, wall coverings, or walls inside the home. It’s the first step of the remodel, which opens up and clears the space for the renovations and upgrades.


A person who works for the town’s building inspector office who’s responsible for issuing building permits. The inspector reviews blueprints and job progress to ensure the remodel meets building codes and ordinances.


The architect- or designer-produced technical drawings that provide the plan for a remodel. The blueprints show how the project will be built and include dimensions, materials, and types of fasteners.

Now that you are little more well versed, are you ready to start your new renovation project?  When you are, Glazer Design & Construction is ready for you!! We can start with a simple bathroom project or a kitchen remodel. We can add a movie theater to your basement or make a magnificent outdoor oasis for you. As your local general contractor, now that you know what that means :), we turn your dream home into reality!!

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