Design Trends Are Changing During Corona

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Randy Glazer

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The future is still unclear as to when we will all get back to the office, but in the event that things permanently stay the way they are, we have to make the most of our home and how some changes can benefit everyone including the children and their school work. We all have to have a work life and study balance during these times. How do we do that? Here are some ideas looking at design trends.

Current Design Trends


Hands free is definitely all the rage that is here to stay. They once were a luxury, now they will be the norm. Simple things like automatically flushing toilets to motion sensored trash cans, touchless faucets and soap dispensers.


Zoom calls are the new way to communicate with colleagues and students. Homes are now being outfitted for just that. A dedicated space for each adult and for each student. Excellent WIFI is a key to success in these rooms. If a separate room is not available to have, then many people are doubling up space. For instance, built-in bookshelves that can also be used as storage. Don’t forget that you are on camera for these Zoom calls, so make your backdrop pretty!! Gone are the days with an open floor plan. The trend might be towards more space, but more distinct spaces so sound doesn’t travel as much as it does with an open floor plan.


Who started cooking more while in quarantine? We know what that means…more storage space is needed!! Between more groceries because you are learning how to cook, which means you need more pantry space, more counter space and a bigger island because you bought the latest and greatest kitchen appliance, homes need more storage while we are going through this pandemic. Now that you are cooking more, are you putting on a few extra pounds? I don’t think so! People are now making a home fitness area a must. This is just another need for allotted space for certain things in the home now. Go ahead, buy that new piece of equipment you’ve always wanted!!


Have you tried planting your own garden this spring/summer? If so, you are not the only one. After the initial rush to the grocery store to stock up on essentials that will last you awhile, what about fresh produce? There were slim pickings for a bit but now it’s leveled out; however, people have not stopped growing their own food. It is super convenient to grow your own food and it is a great activity to do with your family while enjoying the outdoors. If you feel that you have a brown thumb, start off small with growing just a few things and you can always work your way up to a bigger garden with a more difficult produce to cultivate. In the meantime, just have some fun!

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