Design Ideas for Turning Your Master Bedroom Into an Oasis


Randy Glazer

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maser bedroomA master bedroom should be multipurpose. Not just a place to sleep, but a retreat, a master bedroom should be comfortable and reflective of you. There are many construction and design ideas you can consider if it’s time to transform your bedroom into a haven.

Turning your bedroom into a master suite is an excellent way to make the space feel more secluded and exclusive. A suite, with bathroom and spacious closet, is typically more open and flexible in regard to design options.

The floor, ceiling, doors and windows are perfect places to express yourself. French doors are elegant, and glass doors let in wonderful light. Curtains can be tailored to coordinate with your entire room, but shutters could be interesting, too. Decide whether you want soft carpet or easily-cleanable hardwoods, vinyl or stone flooring. Ceilings are often overlooked in home remodeling, but think about how you can make yours personal. Leave the ductwork exposed for an industrial look or give it an Elizabethan feel with ornamental details or wallpaper.

Storage is an important aspect to consider when designing any room – especially a bedroom. Custom closets are ideal, but if you need more space for shoes, clothes and personal items, consider building drawers under your bed. Put the TV in its own cabinet with extra compartments for storage.

Accenting a room can be restricted by what the room is intended for, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Bedrooms are wonderful places for sitting areas and fireplaces. Exposed brick accents and houseplants help give a room an outdoor-like, rustic feel. Paint itself can be a great accent and the techniques for custom painting a master bedroom are vast.

A master bedroom or master suite should be a place that you’re happy to return to every night, but enjoy spending time in during the day, as well. Hire a solid design and construction team that has experience renovating master bedrooms so you’ll feel confident that the work you’re expecting completed professionally.

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