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Randy Glazer

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Create Space with Atlanta Home RemodelingA popular subject these days is Atlanta home remodeling, and creating space is a prominent reason that families make the choice to renovate their homes. Cluttered rooms and bulky furniture can do more than crowd your home; they can crowd the mind as well. With the busy lifestyles of families today, it is hectic enough trying to get children to appointments, school or sports practice and events on time without having to try to gather lost things around your house. Looking for the car keys, homework, sports gear or even their coat and hat can add to the frenzy. An Atlanta Home remodeling project can assist in organizing your space, so that you can effectively re-organize your life.

Room additions, closet organization and shelving units can go a long way in creating space for your busy family. A mudroom is an excellent option for organizing personal things that are sometimes lost in your home now. Shelving units along one wall can hold necessary items for each family member so that they are easily accessible. Your children could have their own space to store their coat, hat, shoes, sports gear and backpacks right beside the door as they leave in the mornings.

Adding space to a bedroom can be done by simply replacing old dressers with a built in wall unit of drawers, shelves and hooks. This type of Atlanta home remodeling is fairly inexpensive and the time that you will save searching for lost items will pay for the cost of a few changes. Closet organizers work in a similar manner, allowing children to keep their things handy, requiring less time searching in the morning before school.

If you are planning an Atlanta home remodeling project to create space, adding a mudroom or built in shelving units to your home could be the perfect solution. Contact Glazer Design and Construction at 404.683.9848, email or complete our Fast Form below.

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