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Randy Glazer

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Ready to make you home your sanctuary?  There are any number of TV shows about remodeling homes that will help kick-start your imagination. But there also some great options available online to spark that next creative home makeover.


According to Houzz, a home renovation and design site, 51%  of homeowners plan to spend $10,000 or more on an upcoming renovation.  The Houzz app allows you to view over 21 million photo ideas which can be filtered by category, style, color and more. You are pretty much guaranteed to find inspiration.

Ready to find a professional to help you with the project? Houzz makes it easy to find and connect with a local provider.  Simply click on the category you need help in and you can filter results based on sub-categories, location and more.  Once you identify who you are interested in you can view there profile which includes contact info, send a message online, view prior projects and see reviews left.

They also have an online store where you can purchase items that are included in the Idea images. Its a pretty expansive list of products with filters to narrow down options to find exactly what you are looking for.

So, if you are playing around in the app and truly love what you are looking at, you can just add it to your cart…super convenient! This app essentially is like the website where you can access your saved Ideabooks and 3D virtual room staging. Houzz really is the best way to talk to professionals and read customer reviews. You can also look at project budget ranges and the contact information for the professionals you might want to use.


Do you want to do more than browse furniture and art work?  Do you want to design an actual floor plan without using an architect?  Take a look at Magicplan.  This app lets you create a floor plan based on your existing home or specific room.  You can even create a future space too.  The app allows you to create detailed plans for electrical outlets, flooring and even appliances.  The really cool thing is that after you have created your perfect floor plan, you can export it as a PDF and get a 3D model of the plan via email.  Then, you can have Glazer Design & Construction calculate the estimated total cost for the projects. This might sound difficult but it truly is the most user friendly app for designing floor plans.


Looking to have some fun designing your space?  You have to try Design Home!!  This app takes the serious planning away but allows for some imagination on personal room planning.  This site allows you to choose options back and forth for all interior design elements of a particular room.  You can pick and choose lights, rugs, cabinet colors, flooring type and the list goes on and on.  The great part is that you can constantly change anything.  The app gives different scenarios and essentially gives you challenges where you can get a budget and can even earn play money for completing a challenge.  I have to be honest, my daughter absolutely loves this app.  It might even be encouraging her to go in to interior design at college!

So why not download all 3 of these and play around for a while…heck, they are free!!  Enjoy designing!!

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