Bathroom Remodeling Is a Top Request


Randy Glazer

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It’s said that an outdated kitchen is one of the first things that needs an overhaul when trying to modernize and revive your home. Are there other rooms that are particularly off-putting if they’re dated or dingy? Of course, and bathroom remodeling definitely top the list.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

From the corroded, dull bathtub drains to the thin cabinet doors and 1970s globe-accented vanity mirror, bathrooms have so many components that can potentially create an old, grimy feeling. If you’re considering updating your bathroom, there are several small steps you can take on your own.

Look into replacing the hardware in the bathroom first — it’s an inexpensive, high-impact upgrade. A stainless steel faucet set, shiny bathtub fixtures and a clean, modern, low-flow shower head can make a bathroom feel cleaner and fresh in a hurry. If you have a cozier bathroom, look into replacing small mirrors with larger ones, or adding accessory mirrors to other walls. They will give the illusion of expansion and help create depth in the room.

A fresh coat of paint and improved, updated lighting are always great approaches to giving a room a new look. In a bathroom upgrade, new shower curtains, liners, towels, toilet paper storage systems and rugs can also be excellent, inexpensive ways to improve the overall feel of the space.

If you’re considering turning your old bathroom into a true oasis, however, you will probably need the help of professional construction and design team. Exchange your fiberglass bathtub for a tiled standing shower and install a claw-foot tub for entirely new feel and function. Think about having new tile installed on the floor, and under it, an electric floor warming unit. Skylights and plants can help bring the outside in, and custom-built vanities are not only aesthetically appealing, they’re great storage solutions, too.

Whether your bathroom is a few square feet in a downtown condo or an expansive area in a suburban ranch home, you can make both small and large adjustments to ensure that it’s not simply a space you’re obligated to clean, but a place for retreat and self-care. Be sure to review our home renovation gallery to view some photos of bathroom remodeling projects we have completed in Atlanta.

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