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Randy Glazer

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Attic RemodelAn Attic Remodel is becoming a hot project in home renovations. Once solely used to store winter clothes and family mementos, attics gained the reputation of being the cobweb-filled clutter center of the home. Today, especially in the hands of the right remodeling professional, attics are transformed into functional and beautiful living spaces.

If you’re considering adding to the square footage and value of your home by remodeling your attic, there are some areas of concern you’ll want to focus on during your planning.


If your attic space has A-frames supporting the roof structure, remodeling is a definite possibility. If trusses, running from floor to ceiling, are the main support element, remodeling may not be efficient or cost-controlled.

Before deciding whether or not to remodel – as opposed to adding a room elsewhere – hire an experienced contractor to assess the space.


If a drop-down ladder is the only access to your attic, remodeling the entrance will be a challenge. Think carefully about how you will get in and out of your remodeled attic space.

Plan around the room

Plan the remodel around the type of room you intend on putting in the attic space. For example, if you’re hoping to add a home gym, you’ll need more headspace. If you’re planning an office, you won’t need quite as much. You’ll need to consult your local building codes – or have your contractor do so – because most commonly, they require that at least 50 percent of the room have at least 7 ½ feet of headspace.

Also, if you’re wanting a bathroom in the remodeled attic, plumbing aspects will require ample planning.

Ventilation and insulation

Attics can become extremely warm in the spring and summer, and cold in the winter. Plan carefully to ensure there is proper insulation for maintaining the temperature in the attic, and be sure ample ventilation is incorporated into the plan, especially if there are no windows in your attic.


Plan the room’s dead space, or space that won’t be used very often, where the pitch of the roof is the lowest. Where the roof and walls come together, there will be small spaces that are ideal for building storage.

Before deciding that attic remodeling is right for you, assess the flooring, obstacles such as chimneys and vent stacks, temperature, lighting and height. In some cases, adding an entirely new room is more affordable, if your attic isn’t worth remodeling.

The best way to find out if your attic is remodel-ready is to contact a reputable contractor, one with experience in attic remodeling and room additions, so you can troubleshoot and brainstorm the project.

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