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Atlanta Outdoor PatiosFall in Atlanta is ideal for outdoor entertaining. However, in an urban city, many people don’t have expansive backyards, large decks or space for screened in porches. That’s why patios – often referred to as slabs – are so popular.

Don’t underrate patios. They can add a decorative element to your backyard; they can be covered; they can be compact and functional; or spread out and incorporated into your landscape.

Plus, your options for patio material are endless. If you’re considering installing a patio at your Atlanta home, think about some of these attractive paving options.

    1. Stained concrete. You don’t have to settle for basic, gray anymore. Chemical stains and colors come in an array of hues, but select a shade darker than you desire – it will likely fade in the sun over time if the patio is uncovered.
    2. Bricks, especially those designed for paving, can provide you with a traditional, durable patio surface. Bricks can be mortared into place or simply arranged – in any design you please – over packed gravel.
    3. Flagstone and patio paving stones come in various colors, sizes, shapes and designs. Visit a stone store and handpick each stone – or trust a contractor to do this for you – to ensure that the color and style is consistent. In colder climates, there is a chance that thinner flagstone will crack with freezing temperatures.

  1. Pea gravel, loose stones or mulch. Probably the most simple, as well as inexpensive, patio materials, these can be scattered and packed wherever you want patio – like footing. They provide excellent drainage for damp yards, and they can be replenished easily over time.
  2. Exterior tiles are a popular option. Terracotta colored, synthetically – derived, machined quarried…there are plenty of exterior tile options to choose from when planning a patio.

While putting in a patio can be a do – it – yourself project, there are issues to consider such as the level of the yard, climate and the necessary manpower involved. To ensure that the patio is installed correctly, seek the assistance of an experienced Atlanta contractor.

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