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Randy Glazer

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Laundry Room RenovationsWe’re all glad that laundry has moved from washboards in rivers to basements and mud rooms; but admittedly, laundering is still a daily task that many people dread. There are big and small adjustments, home improvements and renovations, that homeowners can tackle to take the pain out of washing clothes.

  1. Storage and organization are key.
    Many appliances now have built in drawers where you can store detergents and dryer sheets. Use vertical shelving to get irons, stain removers and clutter off the floor. It’s easy to have custom cabinetry built to house your appliances, ironing board and laundry necessities – a great way to hide the burden from view. A wall mounted drying rack is another great feature that frees up floor space.
  2. Second story laundry rooms are convenient and a relatively new design feature.
    Hire a contractor to work out the plumbing and wiring. Stackable washers and dryers now come in full size and are a far cry from the cramped, college washroom sets of the past. Transform a linen or broom closet into the new laundry room. You’ll be a few steps from where your clothes and towels belong, and the old laundry space can be used for something new.
  3. Include a sink if you have space.
    Many items need to soak or require hand washing. It will make your life easier if having a sink near your laundry unit is an option.

If you’re in the market for a new addition or room renovation, you can really make over a laundry room.

Garages, walk in closets and even oversized pantry space in a renovated kitchen can be fitted as a laundry room. Include luxuries such as a pull out ironing board, folding station, designated spaces for colors, whites and delicates, a television, comfortable accessories such as chairs and easy lighting – the options are endless for a customized laundry spaces.

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