Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Options


Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling OptionsWhether you decide to have a new home built or renovate an existing home, an Atlanta kitchen remodeling project starts with deciding on the style of your design. The kitchen is often the center of the house and where most of the meals are prepared but it also has become a entertainment venue. Which kitchen remodeling design is right for you and the atmosphere in your home?

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Retro Kitchen Design

A retro kitchen design includes colors, appliances and schemes from yesterday. The appeal of old-fashioned diners or grandma’s pantry is yours with a retro kitchen design. Consider black and white floors and two-tone floors with chrome handles for a blast from the past.

Modern Kitchen Design

If you long for all the latest conveniences, a modern kitchen design is perfect for your fast-paced lifestyle. Have updated technology at your fingertips, sparkling counter tops and clean lines with a modern kitchen design.

Green Kitchen Design

Everyone is watching their environmental footprint to make a minimal impact on the world around us. Energy efficient appliances uses less electricity and water. A green kitchen design not only adds value to your home but saves you money on utility costs over time.

Small Kitchen Design

Making the most of the least space is the main idea in smaller kitchen designs. A small room looks much bigger when space is properly used. Space saver appliances and efficient cabinetry make small kitchen feel like big spaces.

Luxury Kitchen Design

A luxury kitchen design offers every possible amenity from dual ovens to television to stainless steel appliances. Define luxurious in your own way and bring the ideas to life with exciting kitchen designs you won’t see anywhere else.

Gourmet Kitchen Design

If you love cooking and entertaining, a gourmet kitchen design brings your hobby to the next level. Feel like the proprietor of a fine dining establishment when you prepare cuisine in your own gourmet style kitchen with high efficiency appliances.

Kitchen Design Of Your Dreams

If you don’t fit into any particular “type”, you can create the kitchen design of your own dreams. Combine various types of kitchen designs to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Before and After Photos

Take a look at some before and after kitchen renovation photos from some of our recent projects.

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