Atlanta Homes Still in Disaster Recovery Mode

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Randy Glazer

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As the streams and rivers around metro Atlanta started to fill on September 14, 2009, few expected the weather to cause the catastrophic damage that we now know it did. With the worst flood Georgia has seen in the last 100 years, many homes were damaged.

Today, days are dryer and hopes are higher as people are working to pull their homes back together. You may still have a soggy basement, a tarp on your roof, moist interior walls or the need to make cautionary renovations to prevent water damage in the future.

Some options for flood-proofing your home include tasks such as sealing walls with waterproof coatings or installing protective shields around windows doors and other openings. Keeping all drains, spouts and gutter systems free of debris and having levees, retaining walls or barriers built in the yards to prevent the flow of water from reaching the base of your house are other ideas. Most flood-prevention tactics are daunting to the do-it-yourselfer. They require tools, expertise, time and money.

If you’re in the market to take the DIY out of restoring your home after water damage has occurred, turning to a reputable construction company is the way to go. Glazer Design & Construction specializes in interior and exterior renovations, as well as cellar and basement work. Issues such as drying out, re-supporting what was weakened by water and health concerns from moisture and mold build-up all must be taken into consideration when refurbishing your home after water damage.

This can be expensive, and your contractor should understand the financial aspects of water damage restoration and flood prevention. As a customer, you have the option to take advantage of government-offered flood damage reduction grants to help put into place structures that limit the possibility of flooding. Also, flood damage mitigation programs, FEMA assistance and other forms of governmental aid can be utilized to help fund the renovations needed after substantial water damage.

Contact Glazer Construction for info on how their skilled team can help you recover from flood damage.

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