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Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Home Renovations 101Planning an Atlanta home renovation can be overwhelming, but if you break the job down into parts you can better gain control. Reviewing your budget, understanding your skills (what can you do and what should you outsource) and which jobs need to be done first based on this basic list of home renovation elements.

Have a Atlanta Home Renovation Plan

Know what you want to do and how much money you have to work with. Can you do the jobs yourself or do you need a contractor? Remember, the cost of a failed DIY project is more than hiring someone to do the job in the first place. Find out about permits required to make home renovations. If you’re working with a contractor make sure they have a construction design and build process.

Check out the structure of your home

The roof, siding, windows and foundation need to be structurally solid so your house remains dry and doesn’t collapse. Be prepared to potentially discover hidden problems you were not aware of. Remember its better to find hidden issues now before they potentially become worse and more expensive to address.

Eliminate Clutter

Some areas of your home may need demolition. In others, you may need to clean out and rent a container to dispose of trash before home renovations can be done. While you’re doing your home renovation is a perfect time to reduce clutter by keeping only what you need and eliminating what you don’t need.

Know When to Go Pro

When you move walls, construct new walls, add beams to support upstairs weight or make openings for doors and windows, a professional contractor should be on the job. The structure of your home is too important to make any mistakes that may not be covered by insurance as a “DIY” project. Reputable contractors are licensed and insured for your protection.

Review your plumbing, heating and electric

Plumbing systems, ductwork, oil burners and air conditioning systems should be operating efficiently and properly. Attempting to make these type repairs without proper plumbing and electrical knowledge can lead to serious injury or death.

Review your insulation, drywall and flooring.

With proper insulation, it is less costly to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Holes in walls should be repaired and worn, dangerous floors and carpeting replaced. New windows can also make a home more energy-efficient.

Beautify your home

Add colorful interior paint, wallpaper, surface finishes, moldings, updated baseboards, trim around doors and windows and built-in shelves. Paint the exterior of your home and check the gutters and siding. Consider additions to your home such as a family room, sunroom, extra bedroom or patio area.

Home renovations make everyday life more comfortable and add value to your most valuable asset.

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