Atlanta Green Construction Improves Home Value

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Randy Glazer

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Atlanta green construction might be the answer.

In a struggling housing market, it’s important for you as a seller to do all you can to ensure your home is more valuable than the one for sale next door. Glazer Design & Construction can help you do that in so many ways.

As a Certified Earthcraft ‘Green’ Home Builder, their metro Atlanta construction company can help you get the leg up you need to be competitive in today’s real estate market. Did you know that green remodeling can add value to your home?

Atlanta Green Construction Ideas

Installing skylights to reduce the need for electricity during the day and replacing your faucets, toilets and shower heads with low-flow models, to cut back on your water consumption, are two great options.

In the kitchen, you can plan an entire ‘green’ remodel using cabinets, flooring and counter tops — all can be found made from reusable, renewable materials.

Installing energy-efficient windows has proven to save homeowners up to 40% on their energy bills, not to mention there are substantial tax credits available for individuals who make eco-friendly home improvements. Due to oil and gas prices rising throughout the past few years, utility bills have seen nearly double-digit growth. Being able to highlight your home’s energy efficiency to brokers and potential buyers will certainly give your home for sale an edge.

Since 1995, Glazer Design & Construction has specialized in Atlanta green construction for residential remodeling, renovations and new home builds. We can help you improve your indoor air quality by using special paints, boards and adhesives. On-demand water heaters, recycled construction materials, solar energy systems, energy-saving insulation and efficient lighting are all areas of expertise at Glazer Design.

When you’re ready to make your piece of real estate as marketable as it can be, let Glazer help you ‘go green.’ Call Glazer Design and Construction at 404.683.9848, email or complete our Fast Form below.

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