Atlanta Custom Playhouse

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Randy Glazer

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Our little blue Atlanta custom playhouse is just a sampling of the time and care we put into our full-size projects.

As a full service home renovation contractor we are busy helping homeowners transform their homes throughout the year. Sometimes its a kitchen renovation, other times its a bathroom remodel or an entire home renovation project. The size and scope of these projects go from simple changes and updates to complex projects reworking the entire footprint of the home.

Earlier this year we worked on a fun project and the result is the perfect little blue house. This is a custom built playhouse in a cottage style and is sure to capture the hearts of small children and hobbits everywhere.

We’ve been having fun with it by visiting local fairs, school and charity events and anywhere else we can show it off and help a good cause. If you see us on the road be sure to say hello by giving us a “double toot” of your horn. If you would like your own Atlanta custom playhouse (for your kids of course) or are in need of a pool house, shed or in-law suite, call us at 404.683.9848, email or complete our Fast Form below.

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