Atlanta Bathroom Renovation Tips


Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Bathroom Renovation TipsAn Atlanta Bathroom Renovation can transform a practical area into a personal oasis. Bathrooms used to simply be a functional personal hygiene space, but have evolved into personal comfort spaces. Its not enough to simply take a shower or bath, homeowners want a space to relax and unwind. Changes in home value, and the effects on days-on-market for home sales, make an Atlanta bathroom renovation a smart update to consider.

Atlanta Bathroom Renovation Tips

Save Money For More Luxuries

By simply keeping bathroom fixtures in their existing position, you can save a bundle on renovations. It is easier and cheaper to set up a new toilet, sink or bathtub with the current plumbing. Unless you really want to rearrange the room, this is a great way to save more money for alluring Virginia Highlands bathroom renovations.

Add a Jacuzzi Tub

A must-have item for any glamorous bathroom is a soothing Jacuzzi for two. Kick back in warm, gyrating water and feel all your cares wash away. A licensed contractor such as Glazer Construction will help you find a deluxe Jacuzzi that fits right into your bathroom space.

Double Sinks

It isn’t fun to struggle over a single sink when you get ready for work in the morning. Double sinks double your functionality. Both of you can wash up, brush your teeth, shave and apply make-up side-by-side with no arguing. A double sink offers unbeatable peace and convenience in the restroom.

Mirrors Add Space

Add plenty of mirrors to see yourselves from every angle. Did you ever wonder what you look like from the back in a pair of jeans? Plus mirrors can help make a small bathroom space appear larger.

Add Warmth to Your Bathroom Remodel

When you get out of the warm Jacuzzi, the floors and towels often feel shockingly chilly. Take the edge off with heated floors and heated towel racks. A licensed contractor such as Glazer Construction knows how to safely create a warm, welcoming environment in your bathroom. Simply splash out of the Jacuzzi onto heated floors and dry off with a toasty towel for a totally decadent bath.

Bidet, Anyone?

Popular in Europe, add a bidet to your toilet for a completely refreshing bathroom experience. Your guests will want to use your restroom just to try out the bidet.

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