Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling Basics


Randy Glazer

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Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling BasicsWhether we like to think about it or not, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. From answering nature’s call to bathing to brushing our hair and teeth, the bathroom gets plenty of traffic. Over time, ongoing use can make your bathroom look worn and dingy. An Atlanta bathroom remodeling project can give this important room the sparkle it deserves.

Three Types Of Atlanta Bathroom Remodeling

There are three basic levels of Atlanta bathroom remodeling. You can choose to make surface alterations, change the layout of the bathroom or completely tear out everything. Surface alterations cover a multitude of ugly problems without changing the layout or structure of the room. If you choose to change the layout, typically the structure of the room is solid. A total bathroom renovation is done when you need to replace essential structures such as joists, wall studs and window frames.

Bathroom Renovation Structures

Several types of work are done during bathroom renovations including plumbing, electrical, cabinetry and fixtures. Often homeowners take out a home equity loan to cover the costs of a complete bathroom renovation. Underlying structures may need to be changed and drywall often needs to be replaced because bathrooms collect moisture. Besides replacing faulty structural elements, many people want an Atlanta bathroom remodeling to get a luxurious new bathtub and shower. Some prefer a separate whirlpool bathtub with a stand-up shower. Others choose the budget-conscious option of installing a pre-fabricated shower and tub instead of replacing everything.

Bathroom Renovation Flooring and Fixtures

Attractive flooring is another essential part of a total bathroom renovation. Moisture can destroy certain flooring so consider options such as ceramic tile, engineered flooring and laminate. Some folks even add a heated floor for the ultimate comfort when they come out of the bath or shower. Designer fixtures can change the entire atmosphere in your bathroom. The right fixtures finish off the polished look of your bathroom renovation.

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