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Featured in: Jezebel
Written by: Karon Warren

See how one Atlanta artist applied his talents to home renovation

When artist Martin Dawe and his partner of 14 years, Chris Yokom, purchased their Loring Heights home in 1999, they knew a renovation project would follow. While they loved the basic structure of the home, particularly the octagon shaped room on the front of the house, Dawe knew the structure held more potential.

However, he didn’t rush into a remodeling endeavor right away. Instead, he took his time, getting to know each space in the home, learning how the natural light played throughout the day, checking out the exterior views from every angle of each room. Only after Dawe knew every aspect of every room was he ready to tackle the re-design of his home. So, in 2005, he sought out Randy Glazer, president of Glazer Design & Construction, and the two got started on what would become a personal artistic expression.

Structurally speaking, Dawe and Glazer basically gutted the house, raised the ceilings and added the master suite to the back of the house. Dawe’s goal was to create a home with a “modern medieval” essence to it. Much of his inspiration came from the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii. The overall result is reminiscent of a personal art gallery, which the lighting and colors reinforce.

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